EU-project ALLinHE

In Pubs by Ruud Duvekot

logo_allinhe_naastelkaarFinally, the endreport of the EU-project Acces to Lifelong Learning in Higher Education (ALLinHE) is available!
The ALLinHE-project aimed at making transparent the need in society for further developing, testing and implementing the VPL-methodology for the sake of enhancing a target group-orientation in higher education. This aim was grounded in developing, implementing and analysing a multi-targeted VPL-approach.
This publication presents the outcomes of the project ALLinHE by providing a theoretical approach together with a practical overview of VPL-application from European countries and South Korea with different institutional backgrounds. The objective is to help strengthening VPL-practices in Europe and South Korea and other countries across the globe.

Download report (pdf)