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Workshop ‘EVC en gepersonaliseerd leren’

In Training by Erik van Beek

22 januari 2019 vond het SBO-congres ‘Gepersonaliseerd Onderwijs’ plaats in Utrecht. CL3S verzorgde daar een workshop Onderzoek EVC’s: herkennen, contextualiseren en valideren van persoonlijke leerervaringen Erkenning van elders of eerder Verworven Competenties (EVC) betreft (1) het herkennen, contextualiseren en valideren van persoonlijke leerervaringen en (2) het adviseren over het verder ontwikkelen van iemands potentieel. Gepersonaliseerd leren is het leerconcept dat aansluit op deze dubbele functie van …

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Coming: 3rd VPL Biennale, Berlin 2019

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I am pleased to announce that following Rotterdam (2014) and Aarhus (2017), the 3rd Biennale on the Validation of Prior Learning (VPL) will take place in Berlin, Germany, on May 7 and 8, 2019. The 3rd VPL Biennale aims to strengthen the platform for policy makers, practitioners, users, researchers and other stakeholders involved in the development and implementation of Validation of Prior Learning. The 3rd VPL Biennale has the …

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Als Leren je hele Leven omvat

In News, Pubs, Research by Ruud Duvekot

‘Als leren je hele leven omvat …’ beschrijft en analyseert de ontwikkelingsgang van het (inter)nationale beleid rond levenlang leren vanaf de jaren zeventig van de 20ste eeuw. Het beleid wijzigde zich in deze periode van een focus op wederkerend, formeel en top-down georkestreerd onderwijs naar een bottom-up gestuurd, leerwegonafhankelijk en gepersonaliseerd leerconcept. Het onderkennen van het belang van het valideren …

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ALLMEET-project 2013-17: Affording the desire to learn

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‘Affording the Desire to Learn’ aims at filling in the need to articulate and ground the features of personalised learning in higher education. Special attention is given to strengthening the dialogue between the adult learner and her/his learning history with the teacher or trainer in higher education on the design, implementation and validation of the learning that is needed to …

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VPL in Singapore

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Lifelong Learning Conference at Singapore University of Social Sciences, November 11, 2017. The Lifelong Learning Conference of Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) provided a platform for the examination of an education that empowers learners to go beyond the classroom and chart their own life journey within society. The conference was designed for participants from education, workforce development, and …

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VINCE, partnermeeting München, Oct. 9/10, 2017

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While existing practice in Validation of Prior Learning (VPL) has strong potential to support the inclusion of newcomers in Europe, there is clearly a need for adaptation of the processes and procedures and training of validation staff to exploit this potential and implement the adaptations. For this purpose, the 2nd partner meeting focused on collecting good practices on national levels …

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Making Learning Visible

In Consultancy, VPL Biennale by Ruud Duvekot

EU-CEDEFOP conference on Validation of Non-formal and Informal Learning 29-29 November 2016, Thessaloniki, Greece CL3S was there, chairing one of the keynote sessions! Validation of non-formal and informal learning is about making visible and giving value to this diverse and often unique learning. One major purpose of validation is to make it possible for individuals to take advantage of the outcomes of their learning …

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Validation at UNAB in Chile

In Consultancy, Training by Ruud Duvekot

The validation of prior learning is at the heart of the Universidad Andrés Bello in Santiago, Chile. November 17, 2016 the university presented the results of the 3-year project on designing and implementing a validation-process within university-programmes. Pamela Urra S., directora Ejecutiva Proyecto RAP UNAB, presented the findings at the national seminar, together with Ximena Concha from ChileValora and Alejandra …

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Valuing Learning (thesis 2016)

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Valuing Learning is a dualistic concept, which concerns valuing the Learning  as well as learning the Valuing. Learning to value refers to being able to master the techniques and beliefs of valuing someone’s  formal, non-formal and informal learning experiences. However, the converse is also necessary, namely being able to value the learning of individuals irrespective of time, context and form in which the learning took shape and …

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Audit system for PL2S centres

In Consultancy, Creative Concepts, Projects, Pubs by Ruud Duvekot

The overriding goal of ALLMEET is to build the capacity of the Russian HEIs partners with respect to understanding and managing on-going conflicts and to prevent the growth of a xenophobic attitude within the Russian society. EU partners will assist the Russian HEIs in planning, implementing and evaluating actions in the field of Intercultural Education and Lifelong Learning Strategies. Through …